Your Pergola Is An Extension of Your Arizona Home

The addition of a pergola to your house could be so much more than a way to make the Arizona sun bearable. A well-built pergola becomes a part of your home, it is a structure added onto your property after all! Your pergola could even increase the value of your home, especially because it provides extra living and entertaining space. Your pergola should feel like your house, it should be just as comfortable as your living room couch. Here are a few ways to add personal touches and homey vibes, to create a pergola that you could almost live under!

Include comfortable seating, pleasant views, and simple entertainment
Decorate your pergola space the same way you would a den. If you were indoors, you would pick a sweet candle scent and hang beautiful artwork to make the space pleasant–you can do the same thing outside! Grow flowers that will wrap around the pergola posts, or in a color and scent that match your Arizona backyard. The same way you would purchase a cozy couch to relax on at the end of a long day, you could buy relaxing outdoor seating to enjoy under your pergola. Think of this as a second living room, perfect for unwinding!
Add lighting to make your pergola available at all times of the day
A pergola is perfect for late night entertaining or watching an early morning sunrise. Unlike a patio, it is open on all sides, leaving you free to admire the outdoors, but you can’t stop the sun from setting on your fun… On the bright side, small twinkling bulbs give a romantic look to your pergola and create the perfect low lighting for a calming night outside. And fortunately they are typically low-cost, and as easy as setting up holiday decor each year, but this time you only have to do it once! This makes the perfect end-of-the-day hangout room.
Use a partitions, plants, or curtains for privacy
You’ll be spending a lot of time outside below your new pergola, and that might mean you’ll need a little privacy from the kids playing in the backyard, or the park nearby; we have you covered. There are many ways to create privacy in a pergola. Outdoor curtains give a clean-looking and adjustable barrier, you can pull them aside at any time! We can build a type of partition or privacy screen as a permanent part of your pergola if you would need constant coverage in your outdoor room. Finally, if you are worried about obstructing your beautiful view, a few large plants aside your pergola can give you privacy, while keeping you close to the great outdoors!
Look into an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or small fridge
With a few of these necessities outside and ready for you in your pergola, you won’t want to go back indoors! Drinks will be easily accessible while you’re entertaining, you won’t be stuck in a hot kitchen with dozens of people on a holiday, and you’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet while grilling up dinner at the end of the day. The area will be warm and inviting for you and your family, a fireplace with smores under your pergola will make dessert time in the kitchen obsolete.
A pergola shouldn’t only be reserved for special occasions. Pergolas can be a low-cost addition to your home, giving you more space to relax, entertain, and enjoy your house with your loved ones. We design, plan, and build pergolas throughout the Arizona Valley, including Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, and surrounding cities. If you are looking to make a beautiful addition to your home, Arizona Pergola Company has just the design ideas for you!