Aluminum Pergola Styles

Aluminum pergolas in Arizona are manufactured in two styles.

laguna lattice pergola style

Laguna Lattice reduces sun exposure by 40-60% which also allows you to keep any breezes and airflow. This is the most popular pergola design style.

Newport gives a solid 100% sun block for maximum protection. Its a good choice for an outdoor area that needs to be completely shaded from the sun and all the other elements.

Aluminum Shade Covers Styles

Slated Style (open, laguna lattice)

We let you select the amount of shade your patio cover will provide, normally from 60% to 40% in total shade.
pergola shade styles

Solid Style (closed, newport)

​Solid style patio covers allow you complete protection from the elements, sun or rain.

pergola shade cover 100%

Pergola Style Shape Options

square pergola style

Square pergolas are by far the most popular pergola design option. They are elegant, simple and effective. They can fit easily in every backyard landscape setting. Squared pergolas and typically installed separately. They are usually incorporated over patio furniture or garden settings. This is a very good option for your first pergola!

Rectangle pergolas are the next best option for pergola designs. Some of our favorite landscape designs come from rectangle pergolas. They offer a slim profile for small backyards plus can extend extend over outdoor dinner tables or pools. They can also extend and touch off the existing patio of your homes.

Custom pergolas are those that usually attach to the home and even curve with your property, patio or pool areas. This is an extremely popular option typically involving different roof slate lengths to give your patio cover a unique and wavy, contoured feel.

We can also pre-wire and reinforce your pergola to accommodate fans, TVs and lighting. Be sure to ask us how when you give us a call or when you submit a bid request.

For pergola design ideas, be sure to check out our pergola gallery.

Aluminum End Styles

Your pergola can be customized with the end cap styles shown below.

bevel pergola end style
corbel pergola end style
scallop end style

Please note that when we arrive to your property (after requesting a free on-site site bid), our sales rep will bring physical sample of each end style.

Aluminum Column Styles

Your pergola can be customized with the column styles shown below.

pergola column sandwich style
pergola column acadian style