Alumawood™ (Aluminum) Pergola Shade Styles

All our pergola shade structures are built into two types of styles:

laguna lattice pergola style

1. Laguna Lattice (Slated Cover)

Our Lattice pergola features a slated roof style, reducing sun exposure by 40-60% and is a favorite because it allows optimal airflow. This is our most popular pergola style.

pergola shade styles
slated roof (40%, 50%, 60% shade)

2. Newport (Solid Cover)

Our Newport pergola features a solid roof style, blocking sun exposure by 100%.  It’s a great option for outdoor areas that want to completely shut out the sun or even rain.

pergola shade cover 100%
solid roof (100% shade)

Alumawood™ End Styles

Your pergola can be customized with the end cap styles shown below.

bevel pergola end style
corbel pergola end style
scallop end style

Please note that when we arrive to your property (after requesting a free quote), our sales rep will bring physical sample of each end style.

Alumawood™ Column Styles

Your pergola can be customized with the column styles shown below.

pergola column sandwich style
pergola column acadian style

Alumawood™ Structure Shapes

rectangular pergola example
square pergola style
square pergola example
Shape Description
Rectangular A classic shape featuring straight beams and a rectangular footprint.
Square Similar to the rectangular shape, but with a more compact footprint.
Circular Features a rounded or curved design, with beams radiating out from a central point.
Oval Combines the best of both worlds, featuring the elongated shape of a rectangle with the soft curves of a circle.
Triangular Features three beams arranged in a triangular shape, often used as a standalone feature or incorporated into a larger outdoor living area.
Custom Designed to fit any unique or unconventional outdoor space, often incorporating non-traditional materials or shapes.

Adding Power

Pergolas are not just beautiful outdoor structures, but they can also be functional and practical. We can pre-wire your pergola for electricity, to easily add fans, lighting, and even a TV, making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting for year-round use.

With the right wiring in place, you can enjoy your outdoor living area with all the modern amenities you desire, without having to worry about unsightly cords or wires.

Pre-wiring your pergola is a smart investment that can enhance the functionality and overall value of your outdoor space, while also providing you with the comfort and convenience of indoor living, outdoors.

Pergola Design Types

Design TypeDescription
Slated (Laguna Lattice)Features classic design elements such as square or rectangular shapes, earth-tone colors, and simple, clean lines.
Solid (Newport)Features a complete roof and often includes built-in seating or a more enclosed feel.
AttachedDesigned to be attached to an existing structure, such as a house or garage, and often features a complementary design style.
FreestandingStands alone and can be placed anywhere in the yard, often featuring an open and airy design.