Arizona Pergola Company operates as Arizona Shade Masters

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Thank your for visiting our pergola marketing website, Arizona Pergola Company! 

We use the “Arizona Pergola” name and website to help more people find us online in addition to our own website.

About Us

Arizona Shade Masters, based out of Phoenix, has been in business for more than 20 years. In that time, we have built a solid reputation for the best products and most efficient installation processes through hard work and total customer satisfaction.

Our licensed craftsmen use only the highest quality materials on any job – from the best name brands in the industry – and won’t stop until they bring your exterior ideal to vibrant life. Best of all, we add in the small details that make all the difference between ordinary patio covers and extraordinary ones! Arizona Shade Masters integrates style and workmanship into everything we do!

What Sets Us Apart


Staying dedicated to a customer’s vision of what their home should look and feel like is essential to us. We want to design, fabricate, and finish an element of their interior or exterior that will stand the test of time and allow them to use it as they see fit. To accomplish this, we use the best materials and employ the finest builders to create patio covers, pergolas and sunrooms that homeowners can truly trust for life.


What’s the difference between your standard indoor/outdoor construction and something built by Arizona Shade Masters? All the little details that make it your own! At Arizona Shade Masters, we keep you in the loop during all your construction projects, and let you guide the way. Every one of our customers has had something all their own in mind for their homes, and we encourage that in every interaction. We’ll show you samples, give you insights into what we can do, and help you to bring your inspired exterior or interior ideal to life; using the highest-quality materials and construction methods.


Budget is one of the most important parts of any construction project. You don’t want too much to send you into the red, but you don’t want too little to make your home look unfinished. At Arizona Shade Masters, we’ll talk you through all the project details and maintain construction costs at a level you’re sure to be able to afford.

For more information about Arizona Shade Masters, or to schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate, please contact us via our online request form OR call us at 480-568-5870.