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What Is A Wall-Mounted Pergola?

We’re sure you’ve seen a few of these in your search for the best pergola to add to your home, but maybe you didn’t even originally recognize this unique construction and style: the wall-mounted pergola, or attached pergola.

Now typically, a pergola is a free standing structure that provides shade wherever it is built. Our residential customers usually choose an open area in their backyard for this build style, sometimes with a paved pathway out to that cozy little spot. We also get plenty of customers interested in the wall-mounted pergola, or as we refer to it, an attached pergola. In this style, one side of the pergola is attached to the home, rather than standing on its own third and fourth legs.

There are plenty of benefits to the wall-mounted pergola. One of the most useful reasons that our customers opt for the attached pergola, is that it can be smaller-space friendly. If you don’t have a massive backyard for a winding pathway out to your pergola, it can be attached directly to the home, requiring much less yard space in this set-up.

A wall-mounted pergola also acts as a patio. You won’t have to go far to sit in your comfy outdoor furniture, enjoying the breeze and the shade, you’ll just have to step right out your back door! This can be helpful if you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, you’ll never have to carry your food or supplies too far. The attached pergola is also a much more attractive alternative to the patio, as the detailed wood shape to the pergola provides endless style when compared to a simple overhanging roof. There are plenty of decor options that look much more stylish with a pergola, versus under a plain roof. Finally, your typical patio is more closed off; if you want to enjoy the open air, an attached pergola is perfect.

We’ll set up your attached or wall-mounted pergola in a way that is safe for your home, does not obstruct any views, and still allows proper rain flow. We can make sure you’re set up with a fit and style that works perfectly against your home.

Whether you are looking for free-standing, or an attached pergola, Arizona Pergola Company would love to assist you in the design and build process. After design and consultation, we can have your pergola up within two weeks. Give us a call, or fill out our online form and you’ll hear from us shortly, we’re happy to help!