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Should You Get a Pergola Before Summer?

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Want to do something fun and innovative with your outdoor space? How about installing a pergola? People often wonder whether installing a pergola in your home is a good idea. The truth is that there are many perks to installing a pergola in your home. Not only can pergolas lift the outdoor look of your home, but they also provide shade. Pergolas also add value to your property and make your garden look stylish.

Let’s consider the reasons you should get a pergola before summer arrives!

Extend Your Outdoor Space

Pergolas can help stretch out your outdoor space, making it look much bigger. It can also add flair and personality to your outside, thus encouraging you to spend more time outdoors. Pergola’s also created light shade, enabling you to step out in the afternoons.

Numerous Design Options to Choose From

There are many uses of pergolas and numerous design options to choose from. You can get a landscaper to customize a pergola for your home. The design can fit your home’s outdoor aesthetic and beautify it further. You can also choose various types of wood and colour schemes for the pergola. It’s also possible to decorate your pergola further and add climbing plants. You can also hang plants over it and around it.

Great for Gatherings

If you love entertaining, a pergola is an excellent idea. It can create shade on hot days, and you can relax under it with your friends. You can also decorate the pergola with fairy lights at night to create an excellent ambience for a party. Place stylish cushiony furniture under the pergola and light up your yard with lamps. This can create the ideal space to party with your loved ones.

Additional Shade

Another reason why installing a pergola in your home is beneficial is so that you can enjoy the summer season. People often hesitate to step during summer afternoons because of the intense sunlight. They don’t appreciate being exposed to harmful UV rays. A pergola can help dim sunlight, and you can spend more time outdoors. You can also add climbing plants to the pergola, creating a soft, natural roof. There are also different cover options for pergolas that are often waterproof.

Increase Property Value

Installing a pergola in your home is also a great investment. It can increase the entire value of your structure. It can also be an aesthetically appealing addition to your garden space. Pergola’s also come in different budgets and styles. You can choose one that fits your home’s aesthetic and is affordable. Pergolas can also help clearly define your outdoor space. With a pergola, you can distinguish between where to lounge and where to have a barbeque or dine.

Increase Privacy

Pergolas also add more privacy to your home than a patio or deck. You can also add draped around your pergola to create a sultrier feel. Screens and other covers are also available to add privacy around the pergola structure.

Final Thoughts

Pergola’s come in an assortment of styles and designs. There are many uses for pergolas, and these structures also add value to your property. The Arizona Pergola Company prides itself on installing different types of pergolas. You can choose from a wide variety such as pool, garden or commercial pergolas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more details.