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Pergolas for Your Home

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A pergola may cover a walkway or provide filtered shade for an outdoor living space. Pergolas are specially designed to add an eye-catching visual to your house. A perfect place to gather in the cold breeze and enjoy tea.

A cozy place for friends and family to come together and the ideal spot to eat. Pergolas are starting to become famous for their wide variety of choices and colors.

Different Types of Pergolas

Not only do pergolas range in design, but they are also constructed from various materials. The material from which your pergola is built will affect how long it is likely to survive, how much upkeep it will need over the course of its lifetime, and how much it will cost.

Best Pergola Design for Your Home

Pergolas come in various designs. You can attach them to your home or even build them independently in the yard. What is so special about pergolas? Pergolas not only give your home an aesthetic look but also provide shade when it’s sunny or raining, a place for you to entertain people, and, best of all, increase the market value of your home! Which pergola style would you choose?

Attached Pergolas

When you have a pergola linked to your house, one side of it will be attached directly to one of your walls. A pergola joined to an outdoor living area might give the impression that the space is an extension of an inside room rather than a distinct element.

You can make the most of your outside area by installing a pergola that is attached to the house on at least one side. It is possible to feel as if it is more of an extension of your home if you connect it, and it is possible to install it over an already existing patio right outside the back door.

If you are attaching a pergola directly to your home, you won’t need to use all four posts for your connected pergola. So, you should get that done by a professional an attached pergola is probably not the best choice for a do-it-yourself project.

Freestanding Pergola

The definition of an independent pergola is what it sounds like: a pergola that is not attached to your house but serves as a separate landscape element. A freestanding pergola is a kind of pergola you would put in your garden, next to the swimming pool, or create an outdoor living area apart from your home.

Our Final Thoughts

If you hire a professional landscaper to create a pergola, you won’t have to worry about putting up the structure yourself, which is a huge weight off your back. You won’t have to strain your back or take time away from your busy schedule because Arizona Pergola Company will build you the pergola of your dreams.