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4 Pergola Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Pergola Looking New For Longer

Building a pergola in your yard isn’t enough to make your property look more aesthetically pleasing. What makes a pergola a truly valuable addition to your outdoor space is how well you’ve maintained it. As time passes, your pergola will start to lose its charm and appeal, and a time would come that it will become worn out. If you wish to preserve the appeal of your pergola, you must maintain it in the best shape.
We’ve listed down some pergola maintenance tips that will surely help you keep your pergola looking as good as new for the longest time!

1. Wash It Using A High-Pressure Water Hose

Since your pergola is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, and debris, it will soon start to look dirty and old if you don’t do something about it. The best way to get rid of all the dust and dirt that is making your pergola look ‘dirty’ is to wash it using a high-pressure water hose. The high pressure of the water will ensure that all the accumulated dirt is washed from the surface. One thing to remember here is to hose in a downward direction only. Following this pergola maintenance tip will have your pergola looking as fresh as new for a very long time.

2. Clean It Regularly

Sometimes, washing the pergola with a water hose may not be enough. Your pergola might have developed tough stains or marks that require some scrubbing and cleansing. Make it a practice to clean your pergola using a bristled brush and a suitable cleanser product depending on the material that your pergola is made up of. Not all cleaning products can be applied to all surfaces.

3. Keep A Lookout for Mildew

Your pergola is highly prone to developing mildew. Mildew affects the appearance of the pergola and causes it to wear out sooner than later. It also makes your pergola weaker. Therefore, one of the most important pergola maintenance tips is to keep a close lookout for mildew and treat it as soon as you detect any signs of it. You can either opt for store-bought mildew products or apply homemade solutions like water and oxygen bleach.

4. Regular Inspection and Repair

Most homeowners wait for damages to worsen before calling a professional to fix it. A pergola maintenance tip that can increase your pergola’s lifespan is to get your pergola inspected for damages every few months and address any issues there might be right away. It will keep damages from exacerbating and will keep the integrity of your pergola intact.


A pergola looks best when it is maintained in the best shape. Nobody would find an old, worn-out pergola attractive neither would it add any value to your property. Following the above-mentioned pergola maintenance tips will help you maintain your pergola looking attractive and intact for several years to come. If you want to make sure that the integrity of your pergola isn’t at risk, call a pergola professional and get your pergola inspected right away!