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Leaky Pergola Roofs: How to Fix It

Imagine this: it is a fine, sunny evening and you are having a bottle of chilled beer under the shade of the pergola you installed a long time back. Suddenly, you hear thunder sounds. Before you know it, it starts to rain. But, you are unmoved. After all, you are under a shade.

Within seconds, you see drops of water raining down the pergola. Here you are, drenched in rainwater. So, what really happened? Why did your pergola ditch you at the last moment?

Leaky pergola roofs can be caused by different factors. Now that you know you have a pergola problem, it’s time to take quick action to repair it. Which method should you use to repair the lead depends on the size of the leak. If a leak is too huge, you really don’t have any other option than to replace the section of the pergola. However, if a leak is small, you can even fix it using sealant. In this article, let’s explore the different methods available to fix the roof of the pergola.

How to Fix Leaks in the Wooden Roof

If your pergola roof is made up of wood, the reason why it is leaking can be the gap between two wood panels. To repair that, fill a caulking gun with an oil-based sealant or a watertight polyurethane and insert it directly into the gap. Apply it along the gap and press it with a knife to prevent it from dripping outward.

How to Fix Leaks in the Fiberglass Roof

Many people prefer to cover their pergola with fiberglass which is a lightweight material that gets cracked easily. If you find cracks in your pergola’s fiberglass, you have to follow these steps: use acetone to clean the area around the crack and then roughen with 200-grit sandpaper. Paste a cut-to-size patch of fiberglass matting and place it over the area. Leave it for a few minutes and allow it to dry. Later, sand it down and apply clear gel.

How to Fix Leaks in the Vinyl Roof

Like other types of roofs, the viny roof is prone to wear and tear as well. The process of repairing and fixing any tear in the vinyl roof is, however, quite simple. In case of a leak, fix the tear in patio by attaching a patch of viny to the affected area. For this, spread a layer of glue on both sides of the area and then place the patch on the affected area. The two surfaces will bind together instantly. Smoothly press the area to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the glue.


Leaky pergola roofs mean that you cannot really enjoy your time in your yard or rooftop anymore. The roof doesn’t only protect you from the rain, but it also provides protection from every kind of harsh weather conditions. This is why it is essential to deal with leaky roofs as early as possible.
In this guide, we have compiled a list of easy steps that will help you take care of the roof on your own.