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4 Amazing Pergola Ideas to Try in 2021

Setting up pergolas in the yard is an ancient concept. The earliest garden pergolas can be dated back to 1400 BC. But over time, the ancient outdoor structure has transformed tremendously. Today, you have unlimited choices for pergola designs and styles, so why not try out some amazing pergola ideas this summer.

In this post, we share four amazing pergola ideas to choose from for your yard and make the most of the summer this year.

Slated Pergola

Want some natural light in your pergola? Try this slant slatted pergola that creates an exceptionally relaxing ambiance so you can make the most of your warm summer afternoons. The pergola is constructed using wood, so if you already have wooden structures in your outdoor, this wooden pergola will only add more to the look of your yard. Embellish your wooden slatted pergola with furniture that compliments the structure and makes the most of your outdoor space.

Cubical Pergola

Looking for pergola designs that give you privacy as you spend time with your loved ones? Try out the cubical wooden pergola that creates a shaded outdoor space for your family and friends. Within the cube-shaped pergola, you can leave one side empty, so it works as an entrance to your outdoor room.

Again, it is a wooden structure, so make sure you go for a wood that matches your existing outdoor wooden structures.

A Wooden Pergola That Gives You a Real Walk in the Woods

While we have already mentioned a few types of wooden pergola, this one will give you a real walk in the woods. The unique wooden outdoor structure is a combination of wooden pergola built around a tree, so it is a perfect addition to your yard if you have trees and landscaping. You can complete the look by adding furniture such as a log table and trunk stools to complete the look.

The Forever Vinyl Pergola

An outdoor space that is extremely durable and weather resistant is a vinyl pergola. Add one to your yard as it adds texture, depth, and of course, visual appeal to your outdoor space. And we call it the forever vinyl pergola as it can stand tall and hold up well regardless of the weather conditions. So whether it’s raining or the winds are high, you know your outdoor structure will hold up high.

There are many more pergola ideas to choose from. For more information about the latest pergola ideas, get in touch with Arizona Pergola Company. With years of industry experience, we place special emphasis on what the client wants, and our team ensures to transform your dreams into reality. To request a free bid or to schedule an appointment, contact now.