Awning Applications

Not only do they provide shade and protection, but awnings can also complement the design of your property. After all, awnings can add depth to your outdoor space and can be transformative to your property’s façade.

Also, you can use them to tie in design elements or accentuate them. Many of our customers use awnings to brighten their outdoor spaces.

On the other hand, awnings don’t just make your property pretty. They also serve other purposes:

  • Protection from harmful rays: too much of a good thing is bad. Excessive sunlight can cause your home to heat up too much. It can also damage indoor furniture and carpets and make them fade. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are also harmful, which is why our fabrics have UV protection.
  • Dry storage space: awnings are a great way to provide an additional dry outdoor space. You can place wet or muddy shoes there and avoid bringing dirt inside. You can also park bikes underneath instead of letting them block paths inside your home.
  • Create a shaded outdoor area: awnings are available in a variety of sizes. They’re also more affordable than large canopies. You can create a shaded outdoor space to hold small gatherings or BBQs. You can also create a seated outdoor area to enjoy the air.

Sometimes, you would want to remove your awning to prevent it from accumulating snow, or you just want to let more sunlight through your windows. If you want to have that option, you can opt for a retractable or portable awning.

Design And Installation

Today’s awnings use better materials. We take advantage of that by incorporating modern styles in the awnings we fabricate and install. Besides style and materials, you can customize other aspects of the awnings you’ll order from us.

We understand that there are many ways to customize an awning to fit your needs. We make sure that our products match your vision. When you consult with us, here is the usual process for design and installation:

  1. We set your budget and try to match it to your expectations during the initial consultation. We’ll start looking into the designs’ colors and materials.
  2. We make an initial assessment of the area where the installation will occur. We take note of any special considerations before creating a digital model. We will consult with you further once we complete the digital model. You may request changes and adjustments as necessary.
  3. We begin fabricating your awning after you approve of the design. We give you an estimated schedule for completion.
  4. Our team of installers will set the awning once you’re ready. We install the frame and the fabric. Note that the complexity of the setup you requested can affect the duration of the installation.

Awnings in Tempe, AZ

Your air conditioning system works harder to keep your home cool whenever the sun is hitting hard on your windows, resulting in higher energy expenses. And it doesn’t help that Arizona is one of the sunniest places in the country.

One of the best ways to counter that dilemma is to install an awning. Fortunately, we can do that for you. Consider hiring us, the best awning company in Tempe, AZ, for all your awning needs.

Get The Best Awning With Arizona Pergola Company

When it comes to high-quality awnings, Arizona Pergola Company has served the state of Arizona for years, and we ensure that our clients are always left satisfied.

It’s time to create a beautiful awning that also helps bring much-needed protection. Call us now and request a free estimate. The best awning company in Tempe AZ is looking forward to working with you!