Your Pergola & Patio Cover Shade Experts in Tempe, AZ

Maricopa County has a beautiful suburb, Tempe that has a population of 182,498. It is situated in the east valley of phoenix city. Tempe also boasts of being home to the main campus of the Arizona state university.

The northern part of Tempe is seeing quick development and the skyline is growing by the day. The residents of this suburb are warm, friendly, caring and love home and outdoor decor.

We, Arizona Pergola Company are a leading company in the Pergola industry and have been in the market since 2 decades and over. Our pergola structures come in various styles and designs.

​We also build customized pergolas and awnings so that your space is utilized in the best way, not to forget your requirements.

Why build a Pergola in Tempe?

  • Tempe is usually always sunny. When you are looking to have some great time outdoors, you need to plan for some shade and there’s no better way than building a pergola for the purpose. A pergola not only blocks the sun (though not completely) but makes your space look marvelous too.
  • A pergola can offer you privacy. Enjoy intimate moments with your family outdoors with a pergola Tempe!
  • A pergola can enhance the value of your property too! 
  • If you are looking to block dirty/ unwanted views such as a dirty neighbor’s garage or a dying tree, building a pergola would be a good thing to do.
  • You can organize enjoyable small parties beneath your pergola. You need not look for a separate venue for the purpose.

Why Choose Arizona Pergola?

  • We have serving Tempe for a long time now, so we know what the residents here like/ do not like. We are also familiar with the climatic conditions, so are able to build our pergola structures accordingly.
  • We are inexpensive and maintain highest standards of quality.
  • We can custom- make pergolas. Ultimately, it is your satisfaction that matters!

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