Fully Customizable Awnings

Awnings serve multiple purposes and benefits. They can provide you shade, improve your property’s curb appeal, and shelter when there’s rain or snow. They provide additional conveniences depending on where you want to install them or what type you choose. Some of the types we offer are:

  • Cover for patio or deck
  • Retractable freestanding awning for outdoor events
  • Window awnings to protect from extreme heat
  • Retractable canopy awnings
  • Motorized awnings

With us, you can customize the design of your awning to ensure that you leverage its benefits or simply make it match your home or commercial establishment’s architecture and design.

Why Choose An Awning?

Unlike awnings from decades ago, recent manufacturing modernizations have made them lighter and more affordable. For example, we now have better selections of the materials we can use for frames. It can be lightweight zinc-coated steel, aluminum, or galvanized pipes.

Aside from better materials, fabric design has also come a long way. We can apply almost any color, shade, and pattern combination that you can think of. Many of our customers are thoroughly wowed after seeing the transformation of their exterior.

These fabrics are also low maintenance. They’re mildew resistant and can dry quickly.

The Process

While each awning our clients request is often unique, we have a fixed and streamlined process to ensure that we give every customer the same level of quality service. The usual design and installation process goes like this:

  1. Meet with the client to discuss preferences, style, and make initial assessments.
  2. Decide on color and materials. This decision may take some time if the client has not settled on a design.
  3. Create a digital model and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Create the fabric and prepare the required materials.
  5. Installation your new awning.

Get The Best Awning With Arizona Pergola Company

We have been in the industry for over 20 years. We understand the best materials that work well with Arizona’s common weather conditions. Many clients trust our insight because we’ve created and installed numerous durable awnings that they still enjoy today.

We also keep up to date with the latest styles and take note of what’s popular. Our experts can help you decide what matches best with your property.

We’ve handled numerous outdoor spaces—from pool areas to backyards, and complicated facades. Our work remains seamless, and we always bring satisfaction to our customers.

Awnings complement most modern house designs, and they’re great at providing shade and comfort when you’re outside to appreciate the beauty of your property or watch the kids and pets play around the yard.

We provide pergolas and multiple types of awnings and shade systems to residents and commercial establishments in Surprise, AZ. Our team of experts can design, build, and install the awning you want. And we offer great after-sale support, so you don’t have to worry about anything that might happen to your awning.

Consult the best awning company in Surprise, AZ, today if you’re considering an awning. We can start now and get you a step closer to having the beautiful outdoor space of your dreams.