We Build Awnings in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for the best awning company in Phoenix, AZ, look no further than Arizona Pergola Company. We specialize in designing beautiful, stunning awnings that will add to your property’s aesthetic appeal.

We are an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing expertly-designed awnings, and we cater to the needs of both commercial and residential properties.

You can rest assured that we will do a fantastic job. Our awnings are high-quality and beautiful. Reach us out today, so we can discuss how we can transform your property into something you’ll love!

Benefits Of Awnings

Awnings primarily function as natural air conditioners. As many know, their primary purpose is to create valuable shade and protect you from some of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet lights., which can ultimately lead to having cool air while outside.

Awnings also have some additional benefits that are worth noting. Awnings can reduce your carbon footprint and possibly save you money on utility bills when you place them strategically on your property.

For instance, a window awning could save you up to 25% on energy costs. Another instance is that you can close it during winters to let the sun in, producing some extra warmth instead of turning on the heater.

You stand to gain several other benefits from having beautiful awnings in your building, so get in touch with Arizona Pergola Company today if you believe you’re ready to bring this architectural marvel into your space.

Our Process

We begin with a consultation that will help us understand what you want when you give us a call. We’ll also send our experts to survey your property and find the best spots to put the awnings. they’ll also take some measurements.

Remember that awnings can provide you with several benefits. The amount of appreciation you’ll have with these awnings depends significantly on where you place them on your property.

We get to work once we’re done with the consultation. We will schedule a deadline and ensure that we’ll be done in time. We will also keep you in the loop at all times, so you’ll know that everything’s progressing nice and easy.

Why Work With Us?

  • Professional staff: we take great pride in the work that our staff members do every day. Rest assured that you’ll be amazed at their work ethics and professionalism. Your satisfaction is our aim, and we’ll see to it that we’ll do everything we can to accomplish that.
  • We’re everywhere: wherever you’re in Phoenix, AZ, rest assured that Arizona Pergola Company is at your beck and call. Reach us out, and we’ll be right there to help get you lovely awnings.
  • An affordable service: part of our commitment to provide an excellent customer experience is to ensure our services at affordable rates. We believe that you don’t need to break the bank to afford lovely, expertly-designed awnings.

Are you in Phoenix? Ready to get those lovely awnings for your building? Call Arizona Pergola Company today or request a free on-site bid here.