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Pros And Cons of Installing a Pergola

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Pergolas are there to add more space to a house; however, most people argue that it is a waste of space. So is a pergola really a waste of resources, or is there some benefit to installing it?

This post will discuss the pros and cons of installing a pergola in a house, and we will learn both sides’ perspectives. Whether you need that outdoor sitting area or kitchen, or is it going to be an investment in a new portion?

So without much further ado, let’s begin!

Pros Of Installing A Pergola


If you are looking to expand the house and use more of your property, then a pergola is a less expensive option. Rather than investing in a new portion that will require a lot of money and time and then making a mess with renovation materials, it is better just to ask a pergola company to install a pergola in your backyard.

More Ideas For Recreational Space

This generation is all about interacting with nature and spending their free time admiring nature. Having a new portion can only make room for additional rooms, and rooftop gardens are expensive, so backyards are the best option when it comes to decorating little gardens.

Furthermore, backyards have more space to customize and create new styles in the pergola, so there is more recreational creativity if you install a pergola.

Enhanced Market Price Of The Property

The best pro one can get out of installing a pergola is the enhanced market price of a property. People love to find innovative properties with different things in the house that they might not see in other people’s houses. This, in turn, boosts the price of the property.

Here people would argue that having more stories to a building can increase the value as well, and that would be by a greater margin. However, what they forget is that pergolas installation costs are not even 10% of the construction cost of a new story in a house.

Cons Of Installing A Pergola

It Needs Constant Maintenance

The first con is that, unlike other areas of the house, a pergola needs constant maintenance and care. If they are wooden, they need to be polished, and waterproofing sheets should be placed to avoid the wood getting in contact with water.

Infestation Of Termites

The second issue with pergolas is that one must always use antipest solutions or insecticides to ensure that there are no bugs or termites making their colonies in your space. People who find this duty hectic or have insect phobias will not be comfortable in a pergola.

Concluding It All

After laying down the facts from both sides, we can infer that there are both pros and cons of installing a pergola, and the reasons are equally valid. The installation may come as a solution for some, while it may not be a priority for someone else. However, it is a good way to extend some space.