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Practical Pergola Shade Options for Your Outdoor Space

Planning to get a pergola build in your backyard, but don’t want the same old rafters overhead?
Here are some unique ideas for pergola and patio covers that not only provide shade, but also look cool and stylish:

· Leaves and Reeds

While making pergola shades from reeds and leaves was a practice in ancient Egypt, it is still a viable option for people who live in areas where the weather mostly remains dry.
It will not only give your pergola a rustic feel, but also allow you to get the roof changed when you get bored of it, without costing you much.

· Plants

Let Tuscans be your inspiration and grow climbing plants around pergola to get protection from sun as well as to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. An added advantage of this type of pergola shade is that you will get to enjoy the sunlight in winters without making any effort. Most of the leaves naturally fall off and you will get adequate sunlight.
There are a number of climbing plants that can be ideal choice for creating pergola shade. Some of them are:

  • Grape
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis
  • Trumpet Vine
  • Morning Glory
  • Black Eyed Susan Vine
  • Climbing Rose

· Retractable Canopies

Made from a single piece of fabric that is often UV resistant and waterproof, these canopies are super convenient and also provide added protection i.e. from rain.
Since they are retractable, they allow you to enjoy the warm sunlight during the initial days of the summer season and to get your daily dose of vitamin D early in the morning when the sun is kind and its light feels welcoming. And when it gets too hot, you can simply extend the fabric to enjoy full shade.

· Fixed Fabric

Revamp your old pergola rafters by fastening the awning or canvas fabric to them. While you can simply fasten the fabric as one piece, a better and more stylish way to is to weave multiple fabric strips through the rafters.
These are some shade ideas that will make your pergola look different and cool. Make sure to tell your pergola builder about the kind of shade you want, so they design the pergola accordingly
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The article presents some unique ideas for pergola and patio covers that not only provide shade, but also look cool and stylish.