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Pergola Plants: Highlight Your Pergola Right

pergola in a backyard instantly gives the space a glow up, and how can it not? The versatile outdoor embellishment is the most creative union of function and form, giving any yard a picturesque structure to play with and style to create a haven at home. That said, many people tend to underestimate the ingenuity of pergolas and how one can completely transform the outdoor space in a home. There’s just so much a homeowner can do when it comes to sprucing up a pergola and establishing either a relaxing retreat or party spot, according to the person’s preference.

Let’s say you like nature, so you choose plants to add earthiness to your backyard by combining them with your pergola. Or perhaps you prefer a more intimate arrangement; then, you can hang curtains over your pergola to create a romantic in-home suite. You can even make a festive gathering site at home with your pergola by adding string lights to it. So, you see, the options are limitless when it comes to accentuating a pergola, but the subdued class that plants lend the backyard establishment is unmatched as that doesn’t take away the structure’s thunder, yet enhances it all the same. Here is a quick guide on pergola plants so that you can accent your backyard right.

Vine Plants

Vines are inarguably the most mesmerizing plants of all because of their ability to drape around surfaces that ties in the aesthetics of both the elements, making all the more impact. Likewise, when a vine festoons a pergola, it blends in with the structure in such a magnificent manner that leaves the rafters peeking from underneath the colorful foliage, illustrating a sight worthy of admiration. However, this splendid outdoor aesthetic comes at a cost as vines require regular grooming.


Vines are often categorized as creepers and climbers. Both types wrap around pergolas beautifully, but creepers need to be tied to the structure in order to grow upwards; otherwise, they move towards the ground and spread over it. On the other hand, climbers don’t need to be guided; they move up pergolas seamlessly, producing an outdoor space that stands out.

While vines are excellent at accenting yards, they demand a cost in return, which is regular grooming. If you put up creepers or climbers over your pergola, you’ll have to clean and cut them regularly, but all your efforts will definitely be worth the hassle.

If you wish to take up the challenge and adorn your pergola with vines, here are some of the best options for you to choose from.

Popular Choices

  • Passionflower: Also known as maypop, is a popular vine choice among gardeners and pergola owners. It adds a glorious purple hue to an outdoor space while providing a unique sight of its intricate petals.
  • Bower vines: Bower vines are beautiful plants with lavender colored flowers that blend in with white corners.
  • Chinese jasmine: the chic and sassy Chinese jasmine is perfect for a contemporary estate, and it sports an unapologetic white shade over its sleek petals.
  • Climbing roses: These vines offer a wide variety of colors, petal shapes, and fragrances suitable for every interior style.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of coming up with a thorough grooming regime, you can swap pergola plants with sheer curtains and have an ambient space at your disposal at all times.