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Looking After A Pergola in The Summer

A pergola is undoubtedly an excellent feature to accent a yard. Whether you wish to jazz up your front porch or back garden, putting up a pergola will instantly lend so much personality to the area. Moreover, it can be used to create a seating arrangement so that you can enjoy the outdoors unfettered when the weather allows.

Simply put, some seasons are more suited for outdoor activities than others, such as the summer. Although sitting amidst blustery gales all bundled up while sipping hot chocolate is alluringly dreamy, it’s not as common as drinking cocktails under the sunny sky. That means pergolas are more frequently used during the warm weather, warranting a more extensive maintenance regime than the winter.

Many people assume that a pergola is supposed to be a self-sufficient structure that doesn’t require much care. While that is somewhat true, it is not entirely the case. Pergolas are sturdy and built to last a while, but that doesn’t mean you can just leave them unattended forever. Like every home décor item, a pergola needs to be maintained, especially when the usage is more frequent.
Here is how you can stay on top of your summer pergola maintenance.

Look for Damage

When a pergola is left unattended for a while, it can develop issues such as rust or termites. Scan your pergola thoroughly to try and spot any surfacing damage. If you are not sure about a certain blotch on one of the beams, consult an expert to be sure if the pergola is damaged or not.
In case there is a problem that needs special attention, tackle it right away. For instance, if you feel that the weight-bearing poles are worn out, replace them.

Move on to Regular Cleaning

The first thing you need to do when the sun begins to peek from behind the clouds is to clean your pergola. Use a duster to wipe off dust particles from the beams.
If your pergola is made out of wood, don’t wash it, but if it’s made of any other material that can stand water, give it a good bath. Use a mild detergent to prepare a cleaning solution, then use a sponge to scrub your pergola. Lastly, wash away the dirty cleaning residue with water using a hose.

Trim the Vines

If you have vines draping your pergola, you should trim them to tidy up the look. If you leave the plants be, they’ll get more unsightly with time, ruining the aesthetics of your pergola.

Brush up the Appearance

The summer season means lots of barbecues and outdoor parties, which means your pergola will be frequently used, so you might want to touch up its appearance a bit. Get it polished or painted for a fresh look. Hang new curtains or lights. And if you are a nature baby, plant some climbers to enjoy an earthy vibe in your yard,

Indeed, pergola maintenance doesn’t have to be rigorous, but that doesn’t mean you can eliminate it altogether. Keep your pergola in a pristine state this summer with our pergola care tips.