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Do Pergolas Really Block The Sun?

​Pergolas are outdoor structures that usually have 4 posts with a spaced, beamed roof. Rectangular and square are the common pergola shapes, however you can customize the shape to suit your space. Pergolas allow you to relax outdoors, while enjoying the view of your garden or patio.

Pergolas are the contemporary structures that you can install in your backyard or any outdoor space. It adds to the beauty of your Arizona property. There are wonderful pergola designs out there and you can decide on one for your pool side to enjoy a drink or for your patio where you can have get together parties.

Pergolas provide for a cool shade, you can even make it extra cool by making way for climber plants on to the top of the pergola. This makes it look appealing and classy!

Do pergolas really block the sun?

Pergolas don’t completely block the sun. It depends on the time of the day- sometimes you may be under direct sunlight if you are under a pergola. However if you want to relax under your Arizona Pergola, you better use a pergola cover. Get a pergola canopy! It fits the dimensions of your pergola structure, giving no room for the sun to sneak in. You can always roll it back, so to let the sun in or not is your choice!

The beamed roof blocks rays from the sun, but not completely. There are no walls too, thus you can sit in the shade, at the same time enjoy lunch with your family in the open space. As mentioned earlier, climbing plants can bring in more shade with natural fragrance and beauty. Arizona Pergola can also enhance the curb appeal of your home.

​Arizona Pergola Company can design and install Pergolas for your space to make it look amazing! Relax in a shady space outdoors while still allowing sun to sneak in for light!!