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5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Pergola During Winter

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Nothing beats the pleasure of having friends and family around under your pergola as you enjoy summer barbeques or admire the lovely springtime. And as the leaves change color during fall, it is a reminder that winter is approaching, and you need to prepare for it.

Like every outdoor arrangement, your pergola will also require some maintenance during the harsh winters. In this post, we share five simple ways to maintain your pergola during winter.

#1. Keep the Area Clear

One of the most important things you need to do to maintain your pergola during winter is to sweep away dirt, debris, dried leaves, and snow off your pergola. Ensure you remove all cobwebs (if any) and closely look for mold and mildew, particularly if you have a wooden pergola.

Moreover, it is a good idea to remove snow frequently as it reduces the weight over the structure and does not allow snow to freeze over your pergola and damage it. So as soon as you get an opportunity to remove snow off your pergola, make the most of it and keep your pergola safe for the next season.

#2. Clean Your Pergola

Another critical step for maintaining your pergola during winter is cleaning it thoroughly. It is best to use a mild detergent and a garden hose to clean your pergola. In case of mold and mildew, you can use a mildew remover along with the detergent and give a thorough cleaning to your outdoor structure.

#3. Staining

In the case of a wooden pergola, another step you need to take to maintain your pergola is staining. Your wooden pergola may be pre-stained, but it is a good idea to repeat the step before winter as it prevents moisture from seeping into the structure.

#4. Covering the Pergola

If you live in Arizona’s snowier areas, covering the pergola is another excellent way to maintain your pergola. You can either go for an underside pergola covering or a topside coverage. Covering your pergola is not a DIY task and requires the services of a pergola specialist.

#5. Removing it Altogether

Perhaps the best way to keep your pergola in the right shape during winter is to remove it altogether. It is often a recommended solution, particularly in areas with extreme weather conditions. By removing your pergola and placing it in storage, you can keep it in perfect shape for your post-winter gatherings. If you plan to remove your pergola during winter, you will need a professional reinstallation of your pergola during the months that follow.

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