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Peoria is a major suburb of the city of Phoenix. Its population is around 154,065 and the city is the sixth largest in Arizona State in terms of land area. The density of population as per census 2000 is 784 people/ square mile.

62 percent of Peoria population are married couples and are keenly interested in decor. The city is sunny and has more warmer days.

We, Arizona Pergola Company are serving the city of Peoria and the entire Arizona state for over 20 years. We know the people here have a passion for outdoor design and therefore have been striving continuously by coming up with new pergola designs to suit the tastes of different customers. We also specialize in building awnings in Peoria, AZ.

Why owning a Pergola in Peoria Is A Great Option For Your Outdoor Decor

  • A pergola makes your garden/ patio or any outdoor space look magnificent. It also provides shade, though does not completely block the Sun. The pergola structure comes with pillars and beams that have gaps between them for the light to pass through. So, relax under a shady structure in your backyard while breathing in fresh air.
  • You can organize parties in your garden if you have a pergola. The structure makes an awesome area to have a family lunch/ dinner party. 
  • Decor is not only for the interior of a home, your outdoor space deserves it as well! A pergola can make a good option if you are looking to make your outdoor space incredible! 
  • By letting the climber plants grow on to the pillars and beams of your pergola, you will be creating an additional vertical garden! Treat your eyes with greenery.

A Few Reasons To Choose Arizona Pergola Company

  • Our pergola Peoria structures come in varied designs for you to choose from. Square, Rectangle, Rounded or Diagonal- we can make them all!
  • Wherever you want us to build these standing structures, we can- be it beside your pool, pathway or any outdoor space.
  • Our pergolas are of high quality and affordable. They are also well suited for Peoria AZ climate.

As your Pergola Builder in Peoria, we are confident that we are simply the best!

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