We Build Pergolas in Chandler, Arizona

For over twenty years, Arizona Pergola Company has been the state’s leading pergola and awning company. Chandler, AZ, is included in our service area.

We offer patio, pool, and garden covers for residential and commercial properties, and we have a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors that can match any aesthetic. If you have an establishment from Chandler, AZ, that needs an awning, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits Of Having An Awning

We recommend using awnings on residential and commercial properties with an outdoor space because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Read on for the benefits of having this structure.

Extend Living Space

Having a deck or a patio is not as enjoyable when we have to deal with heat or rain, but awnings can change that. Awnings extend our living space and allow us to stay outdoors for prolonged periods, and high-quality ones will last for years.

Awnings enable us to entertain guests in our home or our commercial space.

Protection From Weather Elements

Outdoor awnings protect us from rain, snow, and daily UV exposure. Doing so allows us to shield our skin and our furniture from damage from weather elements, UV rays in particular. UV rays are powerful enough to damage both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Reduce Energy Costs

A well-placed awning can lower energy costs by up to 25% by minimizing air conditioning use. Retractable window awnings protect us from the sun during hot days, and we can close them during the winter for added light and warmth.

Design Flexibility

The wide variety of materials, styles, and colors that we offer for awnings allow design flexibility. Our pergola and patio cover designer can help you create a unique style for your home and have it built in three to six weeks.

Low Maintenance

Arizona Pergola Company offers high-quality water-repellent and mildew-resistant covers. Awnings only require monthly cleaning and can last for many years with proper care.

Order Process

Having a high-quality awning built right in your Chandler, AZ establishment is effortless. We’ve created a hassle-free system that can turn your vision into reality in a matter of weeks.

If you’re sure about building an awning, here are the steps in creating one:

  • Set an appointment with our designer.
  • He will bring material and color samples and pictures of past installations upon the designer’s visit. This initial meeting would be the perfect time to discuss your vision for your outdoor area.
  • We will assess your outdoor space and make suggestions to create the most beautiful, functional awning. Design and installation usually take three to six weeks to complete.

Serving Chandler, AZ

For over twenty years, our company has been the state’s leading pergola and awning company. Chandler, AZ, is included in our service area.

If you have a great awning idea for a Chandler, AZ establishment, we can make it happen! Give us a call at 480-568-5870 now and request a free bid.