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Six Ways to Decorate Your Pergola for an Event

You’ve finally made that essential addition to enhance your outdoor living space, a beautiful pergola. It draws you out of your house and makes you enjoy nature without melting in the summer heat. You’re having so much fun with your family, and you realize it’s time to share this happiness with others and plan social events outside.

Whether it’s a humble potluck or a grand anniversary dinner party, there are many pergola décor options for the event.

Hang Lights

Hanging lights up on your pergola is a classic way to jazz it up for an event, especially if it continues into the night. You can add subtle romantic fairy lights or bold Edison bulbs to match the ambiance you want to set for the evening. White lights, warm lights, colored, or color-changing LEDs, the options are endless, so there’s something for every kind of event.

Plants or Foliage

You can adorn your stylish pergola with plants in many ways to feel even more connected to nature. Potted plants are always lovely, but you can even hang them from the top of your pergola for an elevated look. You can wrap the pillars of your pergola with garlands of foliage.


Artificial ones are also available, so they don’t dry out, and you can use them as many times as you want. You could also go old school with pretty flower arrangements hung from or wrapped around your pergola.

Balloons or Make a Balloon Arch

Have you ever seen those fantastic balloon arches decorating the entrances to a festival or big birthday bash? You already have the arch structure, and all you need to do is add the balloons. You can imitate it without having to spend oodles of money. This trick is particularly great for birthdays or Barbeques on the 4th.

Streamers, Signs, and Banners

Pergolas are perfect for hanging pretty banners for any occasion. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of them and hang as many banners, signs or streamers, and other party decorations as you want. Gone are the days when you’d have to rely on flimsy tape or add a new nail to the wall to hang a simple banner. Enjoy the convenience of just tying it to your pergola.

Paper Lanterns or Origami Decor

Awaken your inner event planner empowered by your pergola and find intricate decorations like paper lanterns or classy origami flower decorations that you could never hope to hang up on a wall yourself and tie them to your pergola. You’ll have all your guests wondering who did your decor, and they will be shocked when you tell them you did it yourself.

Prepare a Fancy Long Dining Table

An excellent idea if you have ample space under your pergola is to set up a long dinner table fit for indoor dining outside. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of those long tables. You can put together a couple of reclaimed pallet boxes, cover them with white table linen, and add all the intricate table decorations and eye-capturing centerpieces as you would inside your house.


Enjoy a fancy candlelit dinner al fresco with your special guests.