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Reasons Every Homeowner In Arizona Should Have A Pergola

Pergolas are a fantastic feature to just about any garden and they’re especially great in climates and areas where it’s sunny and warm for most of the year, like in Arizona. You may be thinking your yard doesn’t need a pergola, but the truth is that they’re a great addition aesthetically but they also serve lots of useful purposes as well. So why should you, as a homeowner in Arizona, get a pergola?
1. They Provide Shade
In areas like Arizona where it gets so hot and sunny for the majority of the year, having shade is crucial. Pergolas are great for shade over seating areas or dining areas in the outdoors, and they also can make a great shade tunnel in your backyard for tranquility.
2. They’re Versatile
Unlike other options for shade or statement pieces, pergolas are totally customizable. From the color and shape to their material and size you can choose every aspect you want, so there’s really no excuse to not get one.
3. They Frame Your Yard
A great reason to have a pergola is that they’re a great statement piece to draw attention to in your yard. You could have a beautiful lawn and garden, but without something that draws attention to it, it could look a bit lacking. They’re great for going over walkways or providing a centerpiece for an already beautiful space.
4. They Provide Privacy
In warm weather people love to spend time outside and sometimes your outdoor space can start to feel crowded if everyone wants to be out there. A pergola can provide a little private sanctuary where you can relax and get some quiet time away from everyone else enjoying the sunshine.
5. They’re Beautiful
Apart from the useful aspects of owning a pergola, they’re simply beautiful and can add a whole extra layer of elegance to your outdoor space. You won’t find many structures for your outdoor area that are not only stunning, but useful too.
6. They’re Affordable
Unlike other options for your outdoor area like gazebos or canopies, pergolas are incredibly affordable. They’re easy to install and don’t cost much, but also add value to your home. At their price point, they’re your best option for upping your outdoor space’s integrity.
7. They Blend Well
Pergolas also blend well into your landscape because you can choose your color and material as well as plant vines and plants on them. Unlike gazebos, which can feel rather imposing, pergolas seamlessly fit into your garden and look great.
8. They Define Spaces

If you have an outdoor seating area or a dining area separate from your garden or walkways, then pergolas are a great way to define these spaces. You can better define where the eating and seating area is from the area where you enjoy nature. This not only looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive, but it also creates clean lines that enhance the beauty.

Pergolas are excellent additions to any home and with their beauty and usefulness, every home owner in Arizona should have one. ​

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