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Pergolas for the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area

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It is safe to say that installing a pergola in your backyard is the most sophisticated technique to add shade to the space. A pergola may not be as practical as a pop-up canopy tent or an appealing cantilever umbrella, but it does give off the air of an English country house and beckons you to spend long and restful afternoons underneath it with a book in one hand and a glass of iced tea in the other.

There are many different options available that can cater to anyone’s preferences, whether you want a classic pergola or something more streamlined and contemporary.

Here are three ways you can style pergolas best for outdoor seating areas:

Outdoor Dining Area With Pergolas

When you have an outdoor seating area, one of the most lavish luxuries you can indulge in is dining outside in the fresh air. This facet of living outdoors is brought to a new level by adding a pergola. Invest in a table and chair set that comfortably fits beneath your pergola.

A pizza oven is a wonderful addition to any eating area; if you have room, a pergola is a perfect place to put it. Create a one-of-a-kind outdoor cooking experience by making your pizza dough and eating it in a stone bake oven, which will make all your friends green with envy.

A dining area is an ideal addition to a barbecue, one of the most traditional summertime activities. You can make the most of the summer and have a place designated explicitly for getting together with loved ones if you have a dining area beneath your pergola and a grill.

Outdoor Fire Pit With Pergolas

There’s no reason to limit the use of a pergola to the warm months! Installing a fire pit beneath your pergola will allow you to use it throughout the year, not just during the warmer months. Even if it gets chilly, you’ll still be able to use the seating under your garden pergola.

Be sure to have some comfortable outdoor seating, such as outdoor sofas, and arrange them around the fire pit to make it the focal point of the space.

If you want your space to have an exceptionally pulled-together look, add some blankets whose color or pattern is like that of your other soft furnishings. For an even cozier evening during the winter, you could use your fire pit to toast marshmallows while you cuddle up with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a great night outside.

Outdoor Entertainment Area With Pergolas

Put your pergola and patio space to good use by turning it into an entertainment area and making the most of your space. Invest in a bar area so you can genuinely be the host who goes above and beyond for their visitors by preparing various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

You can even do this with a little pergola by just adding benches with cushions to create a basic seating option that is easily attainable with a pergola. If you want to create an atmosphere that is particularly inviting, consider suspending some outdoor fairy lights from the rafters of your pergola.

You can get better control over the ambiance you want to create by selecting lights that vary both the color and the brightness level they emit.

Swing Chair With Pergolas

A swing chair is a one-of-a-kind garden pergola seating solution that provides a unique sense of flair and a unique level of comfort to this space. A swing seat may be a wonderfully romantic addition to your pergola because it allows two people to cuddle up together.

Put fragrant plants around the swing to create an atmosphere of authentic quaintness. Choose a timber pergola for the most natural appearance. Pergolas made of oak can also serve as a robust foundation for a swing chair that can adequately sustain your body weight.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you want to improve the house’s appearance or create an outdoor space for seating, adding a pergola to your yard is the ideal way to accomplish either of these goals. If you desire outdoor seating, we, at Arizona Pergola Company have got your back!