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How To Keep Your Pergola Functional Even In Winters

Pergolas are extremely popular outdoor shade structures. They’re great additions to any outdoor area, both residential and commercial. As much as people love to spend time under their pergolas during the summers, they are more or less forgotten as the temperatures start to become chilly. If you want to continue using your pergola during the colder months, you’ll have to bring some changes to your pergola.

Making your pergola winter-friendly is no big challenge. Let’s look at the numerous ways you can make your pergola usable in the winter months.

1.     Add a Roof to Your Pergola

One of the quickest ways of transforming your pergola into a winter-friendly outdoor structure is to add a roof to it. Adding a roof will keep the snow from entering your pergola and will also protect your pergola furniture. Not only will it keep the snow from entering the pergola, but it will also retain the heat inside and keep your pergola warmer and a lot more comfortable. Louvered roofs are quite common in pergolas. You can even opt for retractable canopies so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the roof when the weather becomes warmer.

2.     Create Some Sort of Shelter

Another way of making your pergola winter-friendly is to create a shelter to keep the cold wind out. You can include thick curtains or PVC blinds. If the weather in your region gets very cold, you can include temporary canvas walls so that the pergola is completely packed. The better you are able to keep the wind out, the warmer and cozier your pergola will feel.

3.     Add a Heat Source

Once your pergola is sheltered and covered, you can now add a heat source. Adding a heat source will make it possible for you to use your pergola even during winter evenings and nights. If you like to keep décor traditional, an outdoor fireplace may be a good option for you. Other pergola heating options include a patio heater or hanging infrared heaters. It all comes down to how warm you want your pergola to be and what your preferences are.

4.     Add Winter-Friendly Furnishings

Lastly, make your pergola cozy and warm for winters. Include the right furniture and a couple of warm blankets, so that you can curl up and make yourself feel warm and comfortable. With this, you can enjoy your pergola time just like you did when the weather was warmer. We think floor cushions and warm textiles make the perfect combination for winters!


Most of the time, pergolas are left unused throughout the winter season. People who love spending time outdoors may find it annoying to be stuck indoors all the time. If you’re one of those people, making your pergola winter-friendly is the biggest favor that you’ll do upon yourself. Pergola professionals may be able to help you best!