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How Pergolas in Arizona can beautifully accommodate backyard pools

Pergolas are beautiful additions to lots of spaces, but they work exceptionally well in a backyard pool. They serve many purposes and also look nice so it can be a great decision when designing your pool. In climates like Arizona where it’s hot or warm for most the year, having a backyard area that you love and where you enjoy spending time is crucial, which is why investing in a pergola can make this space even better.

1. They’re Attractive

The biggest reason for getting a pergola for your backyard pool is that they look really nice. They add a bit of sophistication to your backyard pool area and it’s a focal point to look at as well.

Should you want to personalize it even more, you can even put vines and flowers on the pergola to make it a statement piece as well.

2. ​They Provide Necessary Shade

When you’re lounging by your backyard pool, you don’t want to be under the sun’s rays constantly. Not only is it too hot, but it can also burn you. This is why pergolas make a great addition to this area because they provide adequate shade but without looking ugly like a tent would. They also allow a bit of sunlight to come through so you aren’t just sitting under a dark canopy like you would if you opted for another shaded option.

3. It Frames The Pool

Another reason pergolas are fantastic for a backyard pool is it can really frame the pool and work well as a transition piece from the house to the pool area. When designing this area its important to draw a distinction from the house and the garden to where the pool is, and a pergola can really help both make this distinction and create a seamless transition.

4. You Can Choose Your Preferred Style

What’s great about pergolas is you can choose what they’re made out of, their color, how close the panels are together, how big you want it and just about any of specification you can think of. This makes them really versatile and perfect for just about any design or atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve with your backyard pool. (check out our pergola styles)

If you’re looking for something really modern you can find a pergola that fits well with that, or alternatively you can find something a bit more homely and delicate.

Pergolas are fantastic choices to beautifully accommodate your backyard pool and turn it into a space you don’t just like but love. They have many uses and since you can perfectly blend them into the style you’re hoping to achieve, they’re an excellent choice for turning that space into something even better than you could have imagined. ​

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