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Choosing an Ideal Pergola for Your Garden

Pergolas are the perfect way to bring your garden space into use. They enhance the beauty of your garden and make your yard a lot more useful. The installation of a pergola in your garden makes way for lazing around amidst Mother Nature, and hanging out with your loved ones.
Choosing a pergola that not only meets your requirements but falls in your budget too can be quite challenging, considering the numerous options that you have. However, we have put together a list of questions that will help you make the right choice when it comes to a pergola for your garden.

1. What Pergola Design Do You Want?

A basic pergola is not enough to add appeal or elegance to your garden. If your objective is to beautify your property, you will need to get a stylish pergola installed. The style and the design of the pergola that you choose will set the entire tone and ambiance of your garden, and therefore, the ideal pergola will be one that is aligned with your personal taste as closely as possible.

2. How Do You Plan On Using The Pergola?

The next question you should ask when looking for an ideal pergola for your garden is how exactly you want to use it. If you’re getting a pergola installed to create a space where you can relax, you will need a rather simpler design, whereas if you’re planning to host barbeque parties in it, the features of the pergola will be different. The right pergola will be one whose size and features support the purpose you are getting a pergola built for.

3. What Are Your Material Preferences?

Pergolas can be built of wood, aluminum, steel, and vinyl. An ideal pergola will be made from a material that fits best with the style of your house and garden. If you want your pergola to have a traditional look, wood is the best material. However, if you’re looking for something more chic and modern, that is also easy to maintain, a vinyl pergola will suit you more.

4. What Sized Pergola Do You Want?

The size of the pergola comes down the size of your garden. An ideal pergola will not look too big or too small in your garden.

5. How Much Shade Do You Want?

Although pergolas are open structures, the way they are built can affect the amount of shade that you will get. If you are building a pergola where you can enjoy the afternoon breeze when the sun is shining bright, an ideal pergola will be the one that offers a lot of shade, which can be achieved by placing the crossbars close to each other.  However, if you want a pergola that allows sunlight to penetrate your sitting space, you will need a pergola with crossbars placed farther away.


​When looking for an ideal pergola for your garden, you should be sure about your design preference, the purpose that you’re building a pergola for, how big your garden is, and how much shade or sunlight you want in your outdoor sitting space.