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4 Pergola Landscaping Ideas to Give Your Yard a New (and Improved) Look

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A pergola often stands out as an outdoor accessory. After all, it allows you to utilize your outdoor space while adding aesthetic appeal to it. But did you know that there a few simple pergola landscaping ideas that can transform your yard’s outlook while maximizing usability? This post looks at four pergola landscaping ideas to give your yard a new (and improved) look.

#1. Add a Deck

If you already have a covered outdoor space, why not add a deck and give a strong base to your pergola?

Usually, pergolas have a sitting space that allows homeowners to relax and unwind with family and friends. But when you don’t have a deck, you can’t enjoy the formal seating space in your yard. Moreover, your furniture may also get damaged due to dirt and uneven surface in your yard.

Adding a deck can give your outdoor space an absolutely fantastic look while creating a safe environment for your furniture.

#2. Surround Your Pergola

If you are up for giving a new and improved look to your pergola, try creating a boundary around your pergola and the rest of the yard. It will not only put greater focus on your yard’s centerpiece but will also improve the utility of your pergola as well as the rest of the yard.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to add a layer of mulch around your pergola sitting where you can grow your favorite plants.

#3. Add an Arbor

Remember the timeless outdoor structure, arbors? Add one (or more) to your yard and give a new look to your outdoor space. Arbors will look even better when they are matched with the pergola in your yard. By adding one or more arbors in your yard, you can decorate the path that leads you from your home to your pergola.

#4. Lit it Up

If you enjoy your evenings in your outdoor space, adding some lighting fixtures will do the trick. Add your favorite colored lights in your yard and your pergola to have a brighter and more visually appealing outdoor space.

If you already have a pergola in your yard, why not renovate it and make it a grand centerpiece of your garden? To give a new and improved look to your yard, contact Arizona Pergola. We deal with a variety of materials, styles, and colors to completely transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a deck pergola or a landscaping addition, we offer stylish and quality solutions. Learn more about pergolas designs and styles, or to request a free bid, get in touch now.